Origami Photo Album
OrigamiUSA Convention
June 1999
New York, NY, USA

Some pictures from the Exhibit

Mask by Eric Joisel (France).

Mask by Eric Joisel.

Rats by Eric Joisel (France).

Rats by Eric Joisel.

Turtle by Eric Joisel.

Seahorses by Eric Joisel.
Fuse's exhibit - Vases, boxes and modular lizards. Some modulars created and folded by Jeanine Mosely.
Mask by Ethan Plaut. Moose by Robert Lang.

Puma by Janson Chow.

Hippo by John Montroll.

Poloar bears by Bernie Peyton.

Bear claws by Bernie Peyton.

Teddy Bear Tea Party folded by Gay Merrill Gross.
Daniel Kwan's exhibit.

Some models from the Origami by Children exhibit.

More models from the Origami by Children exhibit.

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