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Viking Wireworks:

The vikings wore jewelry to show social status and wealth. A wide range of jewelry has been found: chains, solid bands or collars, gemstones and beads. While it is difficult to own any of the real treasures found, similar items can be made from new materials.
Viking Weave (also known as Viking Knitting, or Vikingestrik in Danish)
Viking Weave is made from long pieces of wire, without soldering. Wire is "knitted" around a mandrel and then pulled through a drawplate.

This viking weave bracelet is made from 28 gauge copper.
Chainmaille Viking era chainmaille jewelry made from rings was typically very simple. 2-in-2 (2 rings connected to two rings) and 3-in-3 patterns were the easiest to create. The National museum in Copenhagen, Denmark has a 3-in-3 brass chain from 1500 A.D. However, the invention of some patterns, such as European 4 in 1, were created even earlier in the 2nd Century B.C.E. As materials became more readily available, more complex patterns were created.

(l to r) 3-in-3,     European 4 in 1 with glass beads,     Aluminum tealight skirt (GSG pattern)
The jewelry Mette creates is made mostly from the basic chainmaille patterns, with the addition of metal and glass beads, crystals, and gems. Due to cost, most items are made from silver plate, gold plate, or aluminum. Sterling Silver and Gold Filled items can be special ordered.
Read about Jewelry Materials used and Care/Cleaning Instructions.
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