Origami Photo Album
BOS Convention
April 16-18, 1999
York, England

Friday night folding with Penny Groom(starting far left), Loes Schakel, Gillian Buchanan(back), Doris Lauinger and Dino Andreozi. More Friday night folding.  (clockwise starting far left), ?, Jeremy Shafer, Alex Bateman, Penny Groom, Loes Schakel, Doris Lauinger, and Dino Andreozi.
Jeremy Shafer teachingJeremy Shafer teaches us a simple version of one of his models. Chess sets by Max Hulme.
My display. Wetfolded Wolf by Dino Andreozi.
Rings and stars created by Loes Schakel. Close up of some of Loes' rings and stars.
Jeremy Shafer on his unicycle. A group of us took a walk on the walls around York.  From left to right, Ian Harrison, ?, ?, Tony O'Hare, ?, ?, David Brill, Jeremy Shafer, Martin Wall, Alex Bateman, Nick Robinson, and David Cohen.
Saturday evening we all followed Jeremy Shafer outside to the parking lot, where he folded a flaming flapping bird!
As soon as I get my roll 
of film developed, I'll have 
more pictures to post!

 Read my convention write-up.

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