More Mette Units

More Mette Units

As of January 2010, available for purchase online.

Mette Units you'll find in "More Mette Units"
(these are actual photos taken from the book)
1/8 Peaks Unit1/8 Peaks unit 1/8 Twin Peaks Unit1/8 Twin Peaks unit
Big Peak UnitBig Peak unit Diagonal Pleats UnitDiagonal Pleats unit
Flat Crane UnitFlat Crane unit Twist UnitTwist unit
Cupboard Waterbomb UnitCupboard Waterbomb unit Preliminary Squash UnitPreliminary Squash QuiltPreliminary Squash unit - Create quilts or modulars.
Rabbit Ear UnitRabbit Ear unit Rabbit RingRabbitRabbit Ring - Create rabbits or rings
Septagonal Ring/SpiralSeptagonal Ring - Create Rings or Spirals

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