Origami Photo Album
Origami in my cube at work

(All of the models below were folded by Mette Pederson.)
Trifolium logoMy company's logo, which I created out of 3 of my Septagonal rings (More Mette Units) and 3 "leaves". Big Peak w/insertsBig Peak with Inserts (More Mette Units) folded out of plastic over head sheets cut into squares.  12 clear plastic units, 8 multi-colored point inserts, and 12 blue square inserts.
Yoda, mouse, and Mette UnitYoda, created by Fumiaki Kawahata, folded from 18" square of backcoated unryu.  Yoda stands approx. 6" tall.  When he's in the mood, Yoda likes to levitate the modular ball!  Sorry, I don't remember who created the mouse.  Slanted tip modular (Mette Units) is 12 units folded from duo paper. Raindrop Quilt (36 green, 17 yellow, 19 blue, 19 patterned units)Raindrop Quilt (More Mette Units) folded out of 91 units.  36 green, 17 yellow, 19 blue, and 19 patterned squares.  The picture frame is 24"x36".
Slinky by Gay Merrill GrossSlinky, created by Gay Merrill Gross, which uses Laura Kruskal's chain module.  24 sheets of 6" square paper. Rings/Stars by various creatorsVarious rings, wreaths and stars.  Creators include David Petty, Jeff Beynon, Fuse, and myself.


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